Yao Ming's career has been injury filled. He has missed at least 10 games every season since 2005. Last year he didn't even play due to injury.

This is a make or break season for Yao. If he gets injured again for a long period of time look for the Rockets to let Yao Ming go.

He was a dominant force in the NBA until he started getting all of these injuries. Yao has to play like his old self in 2011.

Yao Ming had all of the potential too be the greatest international player to come to the NBA. The injuries took him down hill though. Just think if Yao Ming was healthy and in his prime. He would be the #1 center in the NBA.

I'm not giving up hope on Yao, but just concerned about how his career will play out. By how it looks, Yao will retire due to injury.

Yao is an upcoming free agent after the 2011 season. The Houston Rockets are use to not having Yao Ming. Does that mean the Rockets will just let him get in the free agent pool next year?

I don't think the Rockets will do that to Yao. I think they will give him one more chance. It all depends on if Yao is healthy during next season. If Yao is hurt once again in the 2011 season expect the Houston Rockets to let Yao Ming go.

Yao Ming has had an injury prone career while in the NBA. Let's hope Yao will stay healthy and get back to the NBA All-Pro Yao Ming.