LeBron James has been the talk of the sports world since July 1st. Will the hype of LeBron James possibly leaving Cleveland be all for nothing?

He has met with six teams over three days and still hasn't made a choice of where to play. Reports have it that he won't make up his mind until early Thursday.

Reports have been changing everyday on where LeBron will go. First it was the Knicks, then the Nets, after that the Bulls. Where will LeBron James be playing next season?

All signs are pointing now for LeBron James coming back to Cleveland. I think the reasons are loyalty and family. He lives in Ohio and so does his family, so it makes sense to stay.

Byron Scott was the perfect hire for the Cavaliers if they wanted to bring LeBron back. He is a former player and won titles as one as well. That's who he wanted to play for, a former player.

I expect James to be like Reggie Miller. He's loyal to his team, but never wins a championship. The only way he will win a title is if he can get some more help from the Cavs to trade for.

Cleveland brought in Antawn Jamison at the trade deadline, but that didn't help LeBron get his first title. Same goes for Shaq, he didn't do much to get LeBron close to a title.

One player that the Cavs could go after is Tony Parker. They could trade Mo Williams and Anderson Varejao for Parker. He only has one year left on his contract, so they could try it out for one season. I think LeBron would appreciate getting a player like Tony Parker in a Cavaliers uniform.

Even though I don't think LeBron James can win a title in Cleveland, he could if he can get even more pieces to the giant puzzle.