Ricky Rubio was the 5th pick of the 2009 NBA Draft. He had the most hype an international player could have. He was compared to the next Chris Paul or Jason Kidd.

Rubio never came to the NBA. It's been almost a year and im getting sick of waiting. The reason why Rubio doesn't want to come to the NBA, is due to Minnesota being to cold.

Rubio has all the talent to be the best point guard in the NBA. Also, Rubio is only 19!

If I were Minnesota give up hope on Rubio. You have Jonny Flynn, who is a great young point guard. Trade Rubio's rights to a big market like New York or Los Angeles.

The same thing happened with Yi Jianlian, he wanted to go to a big market. Ricky Rubio wants to go to a big market, Minnesota just trade his rights.

Ricky Rubio will never come to the NBA. He loves Europe way to much to leave.