The Houston Texans barely missed the playoffs last season due to the Bengals and Colts rolling over for the New York Jets.

Houston looks to be a contender for the AFC this year. They will have one of most explosive offenses led by Matt Schaub and Andre Johnson.

The Texans have always given the Indianapolis Colts a fight during the season, but maybe the tides will turn for Houston this season. Can they beat the Colts for the AFC South crown? I think they can and be a contender in the AFC.

The Texans should have an underrated defense too led by Demeco Ryans and Mario Williams. I think the Texans defense should be improved, even though Brian Cushing will be suspended for 4 games due to using steroids.

When Cushing comes back though, the Texans should be even better.

The Texans should be even better then next year. They will have an overall better team and a very good chance of being in the playoffs.

I expect the Houston Texans to be the #5 seed in the playoffs at 11-5. The Indianapolis Colts will still win the AFC South with a record of 12-4.

Overall, the Texans will eventually pass the Colts in the AFC South and they should be a dark horse super bowl contender.

Everyone watch out for the Houston Texans this season, they could be in Dallas raising the Vince Lombardi Trophy when the season is over.