Right after LeBron James announced he will play for the Miami Heat next season many things happened. Michael Beasley was traded to the Minnesota Timberwolves and then Mike Miller committed to come and join James, Wade, and Bosh in Miami.

Mike Miller has been in the NBA for about 10 seasons. He has played with the Orlando Magic, Memphis Grizzlies, Minnesota Timberwolves, and Washington Wizards. He has turned into a journeyman in the past few years of his career, but I expect that to end in Miami.

He will play a role for the Heat on the bench, but I expect that to be fine with Miller. Just like LeBron James it will probably be all about winning in this choice of Miami.

Miller reportedly will sign with the Heat for five years and 30 million dollars. That is a discount from what he wanted before with any other teams negotiating with him.

Mike Miller makes this Miami Heat team even stronger for years to come. He will fit in well with the new big three in Miami. Pat Riley once again pulled off another great deal.

I believe Mike Miller is the X factor for the Heat if they want to make it to the NBA Finals next season. He is lights out from three point range shooting 40%. His career average for points is 14 points per game. That number can easily be raised in Miami.

Miller will be getting wide open looks almost every time due to the new big three getting harassed on the defensive side of the ball. I easily see Miller leading the NBA in three pointers and winning the sixth man of the year next season.

Miller has been a little bit injury prone for a few years, but he can't get hurt this season with Miami. My prediction, he plays all 82 games for the Heat next season. I expect this trend of injuries for him to change.

I see Miller being a versatile player for Heat. He could play three places on the court. The three are playing a tall shooting guard, small forward, and a small power forward. I mostly see him backing up LeBron James at small forward though.

It is surprising what I'm saying though, but he will be the X factor for a Miami Heat championship for seasons to come. I simply describe this signing by the Heat as another perfect fit in South Beach.