There was a supposed trade proposal between the Indiana Pacers and New Jersey Nets. Indiana would have received Devin Harris, Yi Jianlian, and the #3 pick. New Jersey would've gotten Danny Granger and the #10 pick.

Why didn't this trade happen last night?

The Pacers would have solved their point guard situation with Devin Harris. Then, they would have gotten two athletic big men in Yi Jianlian and selecting Derrick Favors at #3.

Then, the Nets would get an all star forward in Granger. With the #10 pick they would have likely selected Ed Davis.

Both teams would've gotten better with this trade going through.

New Jersey could've let two big salaries in Harris and Yi off of their salary and get even more cap space for this summer.

The reason for this not happening is due to Indiana supposedly declining the Nets offer.

Indiana's lineup would've been Harris at point guard, Brandon Rush at shooting guard, Tyler Hansbrough at small forward, Derrick Favors at power forward, and Roy Hibbert at center.

I think the Pacers and Nets were going to improve if this trade happened last night.

I just don't know why this trade didn't happen. It made sense for New Jersey and Indiana to make this deal.