Brett Favre once again is waffling his choice of playing or retiring this offseason. Ever since his last years in Green Bay he's been playing this act of flip-flopping for publicity.

When Ted Thompson traded him to the New York Jets two years ago, I guess that didn't treat Favre a lesson. He wanted to go to the Packers arch-rival, Minnesota Vikings before he played with New York.

The only reason Favre has been playing for the past two seasons is to get revenge on Green Bay for trading him. I don't blame Ted Thompson for trading Favre after his flip-flopping for five years. I would be tired of his act and trade him as well.

LeBron James took a page from Brett Favre's book when he did his one hour special on ESPN, "The Decision" on July 8th. Favre though drags it out even longer into the middle of August for people to find out his choice of staying or leaving the NFL.

The Minnesota Vikings are now under Favre's control for another month. If he comes back they're a super bowl contender. If he retires, Minnesota is barely a playoff contender. So, you know Brad Childress and Ziggy Wolf are on pins and needles if Favre is coming back this season.

I think Favre dragging this out is a yearly publicity stunt that ESPN and NFL Network pounces on. I'm sick of daily ESPN Brett Favre reports from his own lawn in Hattiesburg, Mississippi. You know Favre and his agent Bus Cook love all the attention they get every summer. 

I see Brett retiring a Viking, but even by how it ended he will always be a Green Bay Packer. Like it or not, he will go out on top before his done in the NFL. He will win at least one title in two years with Minnesota.

Favre will come back, so why not just announce it already to the Vikings and NFL fans everywhere? He won't because he's Brett Favre, the quarterback who can't make up his mind about playing or not.

People say he deserves to skip training camp, but I don't see that. So, should Peyton Manning and Tom Brady be skipping training camp too? They've deserved it as well like Brett Favre has over his career.

Favre is going to be 41 years old and he will have to walk from the game of football sooner rather then later. He is one of the greatest quarterbacks in NFL history, but his legacy is tarnished by how he pulled this publicity stunt for the last few years of his career.