Carlos Boozer is an upcoming free agent. It sounds a lot like he is going to leave Utah and head elsewhere. Where does that leave the Jazz?

I think it leaves them in a good posistion actually. They have Paul Millsap, who can immediatly step in for Boozer and be a force in the paint.

On the team's website for season tickets they have Paul Millsap and Deron Williams. That gives you another hint that Boozer is not coming back to Utah.

Also, you don't lose much with Boozer in my opinion. Even though he averaged a double-double last season, Millsap did the same when he was injured.

Since Carlos Boozer sounds like he is going to leave, will the Jazz address that need in the NBA Draft?

Even though I think Paul Millsap will start for Utah, I think they will draft a big man.

The player I think will be available and the Jazz will draft is Greg Monroe. I think he fills in for Boozer's absence and he can slide to power forward or center.

Monroe I believe, would start at center for Utah. Mehmet Okur is getting old and Monroe can easily beat him out for the starting posistion.

I think Utah won't miss Boozer that much. Millsap is a star in the making for Utah.