Chris Bosh should add another team to his wish list, the Houston Rockets. They were 42-40 last year without there star player, Yao Ming. Just think how good the Rockets would be with Bosh and Yao?

Houston has a great nucleus of players to be with Bosh. Aaron Brooks who is the most underrated point guard in the NBA, I think. Also, you have Trevor Ariza and Shane Battier at shooting guard and small forward.

That's when Chris Bosh comes in and takes the power forward posistion. Even though Luis Scola is a very good player, I would take Bosh over Scola.

When you bring in the element of Bosh being the offensive juggernaut he is and Yao being the defensive force he is, the Rockets would be a top team in the Western Conference.

Would the Rockets make it to the NBA Finals next year with Chris Bosh? I think there would be a pretty good chance of that happening.

Then we get to the Twin Towers element on defense with Bosh and Yao. Could they be a better combo then Hakeem Olajuwon and Ralph Sampson for the Rockets like they were 26 years ago? That would be hard to top.

Chris Bosh would win immediatly with the Houston Rockets. Also, Houston has enough salary to offer one max deal to a free agent like Chris Bosh.

Then you bring in the China factor for Chris Bosh. Houston is the most popular team in China, obviously due to Yao Ming. Chris Bosh could easily have a mrket in China alongside Yao Ming. If Chris Bosh wants to globalize himself, Houston is the place to go.

If Chris Bosh can develop more on the defensive side of the ball and is willing to share the paint with Yao Ming, Chris Bosh should go to Houston.

Could all of these factors sell Chris Bosh into coming to Houston this summer? I think that will happen and Chris Bosh will be a Rocket next season.