There is a rumor going around that the San Antonio Spurs will trade Tony Parker to the Indiana Pacers for the #10 pick in the NBA Draft, Troy Murphy, and Brandon Rush. That is exactly what the Pacers need.

Parker fills a huge need at point guard, which would be an immediate upgrade over T.J. Ford or Earl Watson. Also, Parker would fill the stands for Pacers games.

When you add Tony Parker with Danny Granger and Roy Hibbert, that is a dangerous trio. Parker fits Jim O'Brien's offensive system, he can score well and can share the ball.

If this trade were to happen, I would expect the Indiana Pacers in the playoffs next year. The Pacers might even have a top 4 seed in the playoffs with how bad the Eastern Conference is.

One thing that has to happen to make this trade go through would be for Tony Parker to sign a contract extension with the Pacers. Remember, Parker only has 1 year left on his deal. I think Parker would sign an extension and stay with the Indiana Pacers for at least 3 years.

Tony Parker would be an all around fit in Indiana. He is what the Indiana Pacers have been looking for for a long time. Parker would finally break the playoff slump for the Pacers.

The Indiana Pacers need Tony Parker. He would the make the Indiana Pacers a playoff team next year.