The Cleveland Cavaliers have offered Michigan State head coach, Tom Izzo a 5 year contract worth 30 million dollars. Should he take the bait to the NBA?

I think Izzo should go coach the Cavs. He is one of the only college coaches that I think can make the jump to the NBA.

Look at what he has done at Michigan State, all he has done is win. Izzo would be great for Cleveland.

Even though it is unlikely that LeBron James will come back to Cleveland, I if I were Izzo take the job.

You still have great pieces in Cleveland with Mo Williams, Delonte West, and Antawn Jamison. They could easily be the #8 or 7 seed in the playoffs next year.

Izzo would be a great coach to build around for an upcoming or rebuliding team in the NBA. Cleveland is doing that so Tom Izzo should take it.

Also, how could you not agree to 30 million dollars? Michigan State has to offer at least 40 million in a contract extension for Izzo to stay in East Lansing.

Also, it is only 5 years so he can easily go back to Michigan State after his contract expires.

Cleveland's interim general manager, Dan Gilbert is a Michigan State alum. People were expecting this offer to happen when Danny Ferry left.

Tom Izzo could go to the playoffs even without LeBron James in Cleveland if they keep there current roster together. Izzo has done so much in the college ranks. He is one of the greatest of all time, in my opinion.

So, Tom Izzo why not give Cleveland a try?