I haven't written an MLB article in a long time, but Smashing The Rim is an all sports blog so I'm going to get back to that.

Cliff Lee is now a Texas Ranger and will put that team in a great chance to make a deep run in the playoffs in October. Texas now has one of the best pitching staffs in the majors headlined by Lee. What a great move by Nolan Ryan getting Lee just for Justin Smoak and three other prospects.

Sure, Justin Smoak is one of the top young first baseman in the MLB, but to get a pitcher like Lee you can't pass that chance up. Smoak though will thrive in Seattle as their first baseman.

This might surprise a lot of people, but I have the Texas Rangers coming out of the American League going to the World Series. They have now the best hitting and pitching in the American League. When you add in their big hitters like Josh Hamilton and Nelson Cruz along side their lights out pitching with Lee, that's an unstoppable combination.

Texas is now number one in my rankings in the American League ahead of the New York Yankees and Tampa Bay Rays. If Texas can get their other pitchers around Cliff Lee to help him out, they could easily be holding a parade in Arlington at the end of the season.

Lee wanted out of Seattle when they gave up on winning the division about a month ago. I was way off on my prediction of the Mariners winning the American League West. Well, what do you expect with Felix Hernandez and Cliff Lee on one team? I think most were wrong about Seattle this season.

The Rangers are currently 50-32 on the season. I see them with adding Cliff Lee about 90-100 wins by the end of the season. They also have the biggest lead in a division in the American League. I expect Texas to be the number one seed in the playoffs this season.

These Texas Rangers won't go down in the playoffs. I expect them in the world series this season. Wow, how one player can change the whole American League this season.