The Utah Jazz pulled the first surprise of the NBA Draft last night in selecting Gordon Hayward. I believe Utah is going to get a guy who will be a bust for them.

First off, Hayward is not a polished player yet. He left early due to the hype of Butler's magical run in the NCAA Tournament.

Hayward will start off the bench for Utah. I see him getting regular playing time for the Jazz. The one thing that scares me with Hayward in Utah is where will he play at?

He is one of those guys who can play either. He fits more in the mold of a small forward though.

Hayward will not start for a long time in Utah behind either Paul Millsap or Andrei Kerilenko.

I think he could start in two years with Kerilenko's contract expiring, but Utah will re-sign him.

The fans in Utah weren't happy either with Gordon Hayward going to Utah. At the Jazz draft party, fans booed the selection. People in Utah were wanting Luke Babbitt or Ed Davis.

Turns out, there wish didn't come true with the selction of Hayward. I would be mad if I was a Jazz fan too with their selection.

Utah is now stuck with Gordon Hayward, who I believe will be a bust. Sorry Utah, you just struck out.