Spain defeated Netherlands in the FIFA World Cup final today one to zero. Spain start was rocky when they lost their opener to Switzerland, but they went undefeated after that.

The star for them was David Villa, who scored 5 goals in the tournament. He single handedly carried Spain to about three wins. Against Paraguay was one of the best performances I saw from Villa in the FIFA World Cup.

Then Spain's defense was amazing during their magical run. Segio Ramos and Carlos Puyol were the main defenders who dominated for Spain. Casillas though saved Spain of losing today to Netherlands with many stops as their goalie.

Do I expect Spain to repeat in 2014 for the next FIFA World Cup? I don't see that happening, but they will make it far. David Villa will be 32 years old and Casillas would have been in his fourth world cup as their goalie. I see Spain being like the 2006 champions Italy. They were too old to keep up with the younger players.

I could see Spain making a run though if they can reload getting younger players for 2014. Spain will do that, as they always seem to go far in the FIFA World Cup every year it happens.

If I had to pick an MVP for Spain during the tournament, it would easily be David Villa. I see him as the greatest player in the world right now and he will be for a few more years. I would love to see Villa come and save the MLS in a few years.

Spain truly deserved to be this years champion by how they played after losing to Switzerland in the opening game.

This Spain team was one of the greatest teams I've ever seen play. You have soo much talent with Villa, Torres, Puyol, Pedro, Casillas, and Xavi on one team. Spain truly can produce talent out of their country.

The FIFA World Cup this year has been one of the greatest. I truly love to watch soccer now and actually not change the channel on my tv. I look forward four years from now for an even greater FIFA World Cup.