Nate Robinson is set to become a free agent in under two days. The Indiana Pacers need a point guard badly. Could Nate Robinson end up in Indiana after free agency starts?

Robinson could start for Indiana if they trade T.J. Ford this summer. He can explode at any time on the offensive side of the ball and he could pass the ball if Jim O'Brien wants him to.

Nate fits Jim O'Brien offense all around. Indiana could sign him for multiple years, but it wouldn't make Indiana give him much money.

The Pacers are expected to be one of the top teams in cap space after next season and Nate wouldn't make even a small dent in that if he became a Pacer.

Nate Robinson could start or play off the bench behind T.J. Ford at the point guard position. Also, if Indiana makes the playoffs next season he could be the x factor for them.

Larry Bird burned up the phone lines before the NBA Draft to trade for a point guard. Nate could fill that void for the Pacers.

No one can sign with any team until July 8th. I expect Nate Robinson to visit Indiana and sign with them as soon as the clock strikes 12:01 July 8th to sign a contract.

You have seen how Nate Robinson has performed with the Knicks and Celtics so far in his career. He can score at will for any team.

If I were the Pacers, go after Nate Robinson when free agency starts in July 1st.

I believe if Nate Robinson signed with the Indiana Pacers, it would be the best choice for both of them.