Louis Oosthuizen won the 2010 British Open by seven strokes on Sunday. His score of -16 is the best since Tiger Woods shot -18 in the 1997 Masters.

Oosthuizen's performance was the best performance I've ever watched. He pelted the ball right down the middle of the fairway, even in gusty winds.

He was an unknown before he won the British Open. Now, he is known all around South Africa, to Britain, to the United States.

Oosthuizen, a native South African, won the Open on Nelson Mandella's birthday. He brought back South Africa into the spotlight right after the FIFA World Cup ended a week earlier.

Could this be the start of dominance in the PGA by Louis Oosthuizen? By the way he performed this week, I can see him winning more tournaments in the near future.

Think how good he will be when the wind is actually calm and not gusting up to 40 miles per hour. If Tiger Woods and Phil Mickelson keep taking steps back and not winning any tournaments, Oosthuizen can easily take over the PGA for the rest of the year.

The upcoming tournaments like the Bob Hope classic I see him winning a lot these tournaments if he can play up to his potential like he did at St. Andrews to win on Sunday. Here are the upcoming PGA tournament events coming up.

RBC Canadian Open

SBS Championship

Sony Open in Hawaii

Bob Hope Classic

Farmers Insurance Open

All five of those events Oosthuizen could win, but let's be real he might win one, maybe two of the upcoming five tournaments.

He has a great chance at the age of 27 to have a lot of success in the PGA for years to come. I think he could eventually be number one in the world if he keeps on winning.

Some people, even me didn't know who Louis Oosthuizen was before the British Open started. Now, with him winning in gusty Scotish winds at St. Andrews, I see him winning two or more PGA tournaments before the season is over.