High school football season is back in the Hoosier State! My home team, the Westfield Shamrocks opened against the Harrison Raiders in Lafayette Friday night. If you know anything about Shamrock football, the offense is their main key to success with All-County quarterback Wade Burtron running the offense. Westfield also has one of the best and heaviest lineman in Hamilton County to protect Burtron in David Chriss, Tyler Melby, Adam Jordan, Scott Chriss, and Greg Rearden. However, the hype was all for nothing when they lost to underdog Harrison 16-6.

It seems like the offense never got things rolling against Harrison's blitz-happy defense. Although Burtron did pass for 267 yards, with a six yard touchdown to Conner Love. It seems like his main target was Brady White who caught ten passes for 158 yards. The offensive line could've done better, but they still have a lot of games to prove people wrong.

One thing that did get me a little bit frustrated was the running game. We did so well when we ran the ball, but got flustered and started passing the rest of the game. I believe the Shamrocks would've won the game if they kept running it down Harrison's throat. Four yards a carry is better then average, so why go away from it?

The defense was impressive in the loss and kept it closer then it should've been on Friday. Allen Mudd, Cheaney Day, and Jon Orozco led the defense to allowing only 16 points. One of the defenses goals are to hold offenses under 17 points a game and they did that.

Harrison quarterback Nick Bartolone scrambled all over the field against the Shamrocks. He led the Raiders down the field multiple times on long drives making the defense fatigued. He was one of the few players Westfield couldn't stop on Friday night.

Next week, Westfield plays at Lucas Oil Stadium against the Avon Orioles.

Player Profile: John Sidery DL

Why did you choose number nine as a defensive lineman?

"Single digits are in, and I didn't want a typical defensive line number I wanted something different."

What inspired you to get a mullet?

"The Paul Bunyan lifestyle that it brings, which means men have chest hair, if someone asks if you want extra mayonnaise you have to say yes, and the people in the 80's didn't do it because they thought it was cool, they did it because they were bad ass!"

Do you have any rituals for football?

"I tape every single digit of my fingers and both of my thumbs and before the game and I listen to Calling Dr. Love on my ipod."

Do you have any NFL players you idolize?

"I have three: Walter Payton, Dick Butkus, and Jared Allen."

How does it feel to be back in football after four years away?

"At long last."

What songs get you pumped up before the game?

"Calling Dr. Love -Kiss, Rock You Like a Hurricane -Scorpions, and No Easy Way Out -Rocky Soundtrack."

How did it feel to play against your cousin on Friday?

"It was fun because a lot of my family was in attendance for the game."

How do you feel you played against Harrison?

"I felt like I could've done more, but I wasn't completely dissatisfied with myself. I thought the defense came to play."

Are you excited about playing at Lucas Oil Stadium next week?

"I'm excited to play against Avon and it happens to be at Lucas Oil, and yes it will be exciting to play on the same field as professionals."

Any place you feel to improve on next week as a team?

"Defense needs to have more three and outs and the offense has to score a little more."

What's your personal goals for this season?

"My main goal is for the team to win."

Do you have any prediction about the game against Avon next week?

"I can't tell you what the final score is going to be, but I can guarantee you it's gonna be a prize fight."