Westfield got to do something most teams can't do, play at Lucas Oil Stadium. The Shamrocks looked great in the first half leading Avon 23-21 at halftime. After that, though it went all down hill for Westifeld most of the damage came from Orioles senior running back Dominique Blackmon.

Wade Burtron had a career high 395 yards passing on Saturday with most of the throws going Brady White's way. White caught nine passes for 89 yards. Another wideout that had a great game was Connor Love who had four catches for 108 yards including a late touchdown.

Westfield's running game was abandoned in the second half due to their horrible yards per carry average. The duo of Maurice Fuller and Danny Nordhoff only averaged two and a half yards a carry. No wonder why Wade Burtron had his best game of his career on Saturday.

The defense allowed 51 points against Avon, which is one of the worst performances I've ever witnessed by a Westfield defense. Highlights from the defense were interceptions by Mike Reece and Nekita Yesipov. Also, Yesipov had a sack with Cheaney Day being the leader of the defense with eight tackles.

It seems like Avon running back Dominique Blackmon wore them down by running for 313 yards and five touchdowns. Blackmon was the best running back I've ever seen play against Westfield in five years. Hopefully, the defense does better next week against Hoosier Crossroads Conference powerhouse Fishers.

Next week, Westfield travels to Fishers for their third game of the year. This time Westfield might sneek by Fishers with a win due to them graduating all of their seniors from a great 2009 class. This year they are young, but can still light up the scoreboard.

The gamplan for the Shamrocks will be for them to have a balanced offense. I want to see Westfield run for 100 plaus yards on Friday. Then, the defense will have to get their great defense from week one back for the game to stop a high powered Fishers offense. Overall, this game will be a must win for the Shamrocks.

Player Profile: Mike Reece DB

How did it feel to get an interception at Lucas Oil Stadium?

"It felt awesome to get my first varsity interception at Lucas Oil Stadium. When I caught it, a rush just came over me."

Do you think you had your best game ever on Saturday?

"No, that wasn't my best game. I wasn't in nearly enough plays to help out."

"What's your personal goals for this season?"

"Personal Goals: Well, some more interceptions and a pick six would be nice."

What NFL players do you compare yourself to?

"I would compare myself to any player, but I look up to Darrelle Revis."

51 points allowed on Saturday, what happened with the defense?

"I think we played great the first half, but when we came out the second half something was different. We were a different, we weren't pumped up like we were the start of the game."

Was Dominique Blackmon the best running back you've ever played against?

"Yes..... Blackmon is by far the best running back I've ever played against. 313 yards rushing and five touchdowns....... I don't think we've had one guy gash us like that."

What's the team expectations this season for the Westfield Shamrocks?

"This is a good team, we just have to play we know how. We have a tough schedule ahead of us, but when we play Shamrock football we'll be tough to beat."