Remember Steve Alford out of Indiana Univeristy who came out for the NBA Draft? Indiana fans wanted him so bad, he was the hometown kid. The Pacers drafted Reggie Miller instead.

Now, there is another Indiana hometown hero that might get drafted by the Pacers, Gordon Hayward.

He led Butler on that magical run all the way to the NCAA National Title Game. His half court heave came inches away from going in and making him a hero.

Hayward is scheduled to come to Indiana June 21st to work out for the Pacers. I hope Indiana doesn't make a huge mistake in drafting him.

Hayward is not a finshed product. If he would've stayed at Butler for at least 1 more year, I would take him.

Hayward needs to improve his post play and 3 point shooting. The Pacers need a big man or point guard, they can't take the bait on all of the Indiana hype.

If not Indiana, where does Hayward land? I think Hayward goes even before Indiana.

I expect the Los Angeles Clippers to take all of the hype of Gordon Hayward at #8 and pull the shocker of the NBA Draft.

Well, what do you expect there the Los Angeles Clippers after all.

If somehow Gordon Hayward slips to Indiana, don't take the hype of Hayward. Actually, draft a guy who can immediatly be an asset for the Pacers.