It's July 1st, where will LeBron go during Free Agency? All signs are pointing to LeBron leaving his hometown. LeBron would turn into the most hated man in Ohio if this happens.

LeBron will leave Cleveland and dash to arch rival, Chicago Bulls. That would be a slap in the face to every single Cavs fan.

Cleveland has tried to persuade LeBron anyway they can. They even made a song for LeBron to stay. What else can they do to keep him?

LeBron James loves Cleveland and Akron. He is very loyal to Ohio, but I don't think he will pass up the chance to win titles with the Bulls or any other team in play for him. Cleveland just doesn't offer him the best chance to win titles.

I believe the Cavs are starting over if LeBron James packs his bags from his home in Akron. This was there year to win the NBA Championship. They had all of the pieces to win against Kobe Bryant and the Lakers. Turns out, it was all hype when they got eliminated by the old Boston Celtics in six games.

LeBron was done with losing and wants to win a title right now. Chicago does and LeBron doesn't care if he is in Michael Jordan's shadow.

Wherever LeBron James goes, the reason is championship ability. He now is going to get harassed by multiple teams to sign a contract with him.

LeBron James, if you leave Cleveland you're public enemy number one in Ohio.