The 2010 NBA Finals started last night, but i'm already thinking toward 2011.

This Summer's NBA Free Agency could change the NBA for at least a decade. That's what I think will happen for the matchup in next year's NBA Finals.

I think Chris Bosh will land in Houston with Yao Ming and start a dynasty.

Then, I have the Miami Heat landing Carlos Boozer and Joe Johnson, along with Dwyane Wade re-signing.

That sets up a great NBA Finals matcup in my opinion.

I expect Aaron Brooks to be a top 10 point guard in the NBA next year and Kevin Martin being a scoring machine.

Also, with Yao Ming being healthy they could have an all-star frontcourt with Bosh and Yao.

Then, we get to the Miami Heat side of this. They should easily be the #1 seed in the Eastern Conference next year with Wade, Johnson, and Boozer.

Wade would guide the team on offense while Boozer is the defender and Joe Johnson is the key role player for the Heat.

The Heat would have a tough time with the Houston Rockets due to thier lack of size.

Remember, Boozer is only 6'9 and Joe Johnson is only 6'7. The Rockets would have Yao Ming at 7'6 and Chris Bosh at 6'11. If you ask me the Rockets have complete domination in size.

 If I were to pick a winner if this series were to happen in the NBA Finals, it would be the Houston Rockets. The reason why, Yao Ming and Chris Bosh would dominate the frontcourt in the series.

I believe defense wins championships and if this were to happen the Rockets would dominate.

Yao Ming would block any shot that comes near him, same with Chris Bosh. Also, Aaron Brooks is an underrated defender. He has the quickness to steal the ball and take it down the court for a layup in seconds.

Expect the Houston Rockets to win the NBA Championship on one condition, if they sign Chris Bosh.

I think they will sign Bosh and Houston will become the best team in the NBA for a long time.