LeBron James talked with the New Jersey Nets today. Mikhail Prokorov and Jay-Z are trying everything they can to get James in New Jersey. What if it doesn't work and what is plan B?

Reports have it that if LeBron goes somewhere other then New Jersey is that they will re-open trade talks with the Indiana Pacers about Danny Granger. I think that is a very good option if LeBron James doesn't come.

Trading Devin Harris wouldn't be bad, but I would be hesitant to trade Favors. Mikhail Prokorov must know something we don't about why he would trade Derrick Favors. It makes sense to trade him if they get a big man like Boozer, Bosh, or Stoudemire in free agency.

Then, we get to Granger leaving Indiana. He is not the type of guy you can build a team around. You need a player like Derrick Favors to build around who has a chance to be one of the best players in the NBA.

Also, Devin Harris would fill the Pacers need of a point guard. He is an all star caliber player and would be great in Indiana.

New Jersey would get back a great player in Granger who would be a great sidekick to a max free agent the Nets would sign. Granger isn't a number one caliber player. If he wasn't in Indiana, he would be a number two guy almost anywhere.

New Jersey could make the playoffs next year with Granger and a max free agent. Indiana even sheds more cap for 2011 free agency. They are suppose to be one of the top teams in the NBA in cap room next season.

Overall, Indiana and New Jersey should re-open talks with this trade. It would help both teams going forward.