The Indiana Pacers drafted Paul George and Lance Stephenson last night. What does that mean for Brandon Rush in Indiana?

I don't think Rush will be a Pacer much longer.

I believe Rush would take a backseat to Paul George at shooting guard and possibly being the third shooting guard if Lance Stephenson impresses in Summer League.

That opens the door for Rush to be traded and one trade that could benefit Indiana would be the Memphis Grizzlies sending Mike Conley to them.

Memphis drafted Xavier Henry, so trading Mike Conley makes a lot sense to do now. O.J. Mayo would slide to point guard. Xavier Henry would take Mayo's spot at shooting guard. 

Conley would be a solid point guard for Indiana. He could backup T.J. Ford or start for the Pacers. Indiana was trying to get a point guard by a trade for draft picks, but that didn't work out.

They turned down the Eric Maynor deal, Denver nor New Orleans don't want to trade Ty Lawson or Darren Collison, and the Tony Parker deal is dead.

Memphis will try to advertise Conley around and I think the Pacers will jump for him immediatly. Overall, I think the trade for Indiana would help them out a lot.

Then, Memphis would recieve Brandon Rush and Soloman Jones. Rush could be a great backup guard to Xavier Henry. Jones could help bulk up the Grizzlies' frontcourt and help out with rebounding.

With Paul George and Lance Stephenson being drafted by Indiana. Also, Memphis drafting Xavier Henry at number twelve. All three could step in and be immediate impacts for their teams.

This would make a Brandon Rush and Mike Conley on the trading block. Both teams have needs and this would benefit all around.

Overall, Mike Conley in a Pacers uniform, then Brandon Rush and Soloman Jones in a Grizzlies uniform makes a lot of sense.