Simply put were the Miami Heat overhyped? Sure it's only one game, but I found multiple flaws in the Heat. It all revolves around one guy LeBron James. It's more like the big one then the big three. Most of the game, all Dwyane Wade and Chris Bosh did were to pass the ball to LeBron James and just watch him tear up the Celtics.

You can tell the whole team will be LeBron James this season due to the point distrubution. LeBron James scored 31 points last night, while Dwyane Wade scored 13 points, and Chris Bosh scored 8 points. So much for the so called "triple threat" on offense for Miami.

Then, we get to the role players for Miami. Who can actually make a huge impact for the Heat to make a title run? They have Udonis Haslem, Zydrunas Illgauskas, Mario Chalmers, and Eddie House as their main role players. Honestly, I think every one of them couldn't take much of the load off of Bosh, Wade, and James.

Then, they've got to go through a tough Eastern Conference this year. They will have to face Orlando, Atlanta, and Boston multiple times during the season. Later this week, Miami will have to play Orlando in their first home game of the season. I believe that will be another loss for the Heat on Friday.

If they make it through the Eastern Conference which is a stretch, they will have to most likely play either the Lakers or Oklahoma City. There is no way this is the year for Miami. Good luck Miami if you even make it to the NBA Finals trying to contain Kobe Bryant or Kevin Durant playing no defense against the top two players in the NBA.

This team will crack under pressure due to every team targeting them this season. If you can remember this, LeBron James' 2009 Cleveland Cavaliers were heavily favored to win the NBA Championship, but LeBron James choked against Boston in the playoffs.

I see LeBron's major ego rubbing off on Dwyane Wade and Chris Bosh. All three of them will have more bark then their bite this season. Chris Bosh will complain multiple times about him being last in the big three hierarchy. Also, Dwyane Wade will have to turn into the guy who passes to LeBron and just watches him run the show for the Heat. Even though everyone says this is Dwyane's team, as you can see from last night it's LeBron's team.

My prediction for the Miami Heat this season is third in the Eastern Conference. They will finish behind #1 Orlando Magic and #2 Boston Celtics. Tonight Miami plays at Philadelphia, will they bounce back from an ugly loss to the Celtics or will Andre Iguodala and the 76ers shock the Heat?