The Milwaukee Brewers said they will listen to trade offers for Prince Fielder. The question is, who will try to get Fielder before the MLB Trade Deadline ends? I have four teams, all from the American League who could steal Prince Fielder before or on July 31st.

Let's face it, Prince Fielder fits a lot better in the American League where he can be the designated hitter instead of playing first base every game. Expect Fielder to be targeted by mostly American League teams.

First, let's start off with the Anaheim Angels who need a starting first baseman. Kendry Morales broke his leg when he was celebrating a walk off home run he hit with his teammates.

That's a massive hole they need to fill if they want to make a run at the playoffs. Anaheim can offer Scott Kazmir, who has had a bad year with the Angels and some of their top prospects for Fielder. If they could get Prince Fielder, they could take back the American League West from the Texas Rangers before the season ends.

The next team that could be contacting Milwaukee is the New York Yankees. They need a designated hitter and Fielder could step in and do that well. They already have a first baseman, so he wouldn't have to play every day. Fielder would be an immediate upgrade over injured Nick Johnson.

New York could offer Nick Johnson and inconsistent Joba Chamberlain to the Brewers for Fielder. I don't think New York would need to offer any prospects if they offered those two. That would be too sweet of a deal for the Brewers to pass up anyway. 

The Brewers would jump on that deal right away if New York offered that package. The Yankees would be even better with Prince Fielder and he might get them title number 28 in the near future.

Team number three is the Chicago White Sox. They are always active at the trade deadline, so expect them to make one trade before the deadline ends. They are in need of another hitter and Prince Fielder could provide that for them.

Chicago could offer J.J. Putz, Mark Kotsay, and prospects for Prince Fielder. He would play designated hitter for the White Sox with Paul Konerko already being their first baseman. He could put the White Sox even closer to being a top team in the American League. Don't be surprised if this is Fielder's number one landing spot before the MLB Trade Deadline is over.

The last team that could make a run at Prince Fielder is the Tampa Bay Rays. They are in need of a hitter and Fielder could thrive in Florida. Tampa Bay could offer a young talented pitcher in Wade Davis and their current designated hitter Willie Aybar along with prospects to Milwaukee.

He could put Tampa Bay over the top as the best team in the American League if they could pull off a trade for Prince Fielder. Who knows, Fielder might start a dynasty with their talent they would have around him. The Rays would be the best team in the American League if this happened.

I think Prince Fielder will not be with the Brewers passed the deadline. My personal opinion, I see Fielder going to Chicago to play with the White Sox. Anything can happen in the MLB though before July 31st passes. It will be fun to watch where one of the best players in the National League will end up.