There is major speculation that O.J. Mayo will be traded to the Golden State Warriors with last years #2 overall pick Hasheem Thabeet. Monta Ellis would go to Memphis to complete the deal.

If this were to happen, what a steal for Golden State. They would have two young players to develop. Mayo would be there main scorer and Thabeet would be the missing piece to there defense.

Memphis is Monta Ellis's hometown and he could be the face of there franchise. Ellis though is a ballhog, I would expect Rudy Gay to leave Memphis if this happened.

I would expect Golden State to be a playoff contender if this happened. Stephen Curry with O.J. Mayo, Hasheem Thabeet, and the #6 pick in the 2010 NBA Draft would be a scary team to face if they get chemistry going.

Memphis is stuck in a bad posistion if they make this trade. They will be left with really no other stars then Monta Ellis. Also, they would be contending for the worst record in the NBA next year, in my opinion.

The one huge question is, why would Memphis trade away there last 2 draft picks for Monta Ellis? They would have drafted Mayo and Thabeet for nothing really.

Ever since Stephen Curry was drafted by Golden State, Monta Ellis trade rumors surfaced quickly. Even Monta Ellis said he doesn't want to play with Stephen Curry. This trade would make a lot of since if you're Monta Ellis.

If this trade happened, look for the Golden State Warriors in the playoffs next year as like a #8 or #7 seed. Then, look for Memphis to be the worst team in the NBA next season.