When you think of Notre Dame football, you think of independence. Why would Notre Dame change that?

The Big 10 just added Nebraska and possibly Missouri. Now they are trying to get Notre Dame into the conference.

Notre Dame AD, Jack Swarbrick said Notre Dame doesn't want to go to the Big 10 right now, but will consider it later on.

The Irish are currently under contract with NBC to show there games until 2015. After that, I expect Notre Dame to go to the Big 10.

That will ruin the tradition of independence for Notre Dame. They could lose all of there great rivalries with USC, Boston College, and Navy.

Notre Dame though would need the Big 10 after that. The conference has a lot of money Notre Dame could feed off of.

Also, Notre Dame could be in one of the best conferences in the NCAA.

For Notre Dame fans like me, it would be a sad day for it to happen. Notre Dame has always been independent and it has been a tradition for them to not be in a conference.

Notre Dame is one of the most hated teams in the NCAA, but is one of the most recognizable.

Notre Dame to the Big 10 will eventually happen, but Notre Dame is recognized as independent.

It will be a sad day when Notre Dame leaves independence for the Big 10.