The Pro Football Hall Of Fame Game was actually fun to watch even with backups playing most of the game. There are much notes that I came away with from this game. So, here we go with my first note that came away from the NFL Hall Of Fame Game.

Even though number two wideout, Terrell Owens looks like Carson Palmer's number one target: For the Bengals' first drive when the starters were in, T.O. got four targets while Ochocinco only got one target from Palmer. It might've been just cooling down Owens with him facing his old team, but looks like Batman (Owens) will get more targets during this season over Robin (Ochocinco). 

Cowboys' redzone struggles continue from last year: Dallas continued to not convert in the redzone during this game, which was exactly what happened last season. Tony Romo and Stephen McGee couldn't punch the Cowboys into the endzone.

They threw a lot more then running the ball in the redzone. Dallas should go back to their old ways and run the ball near the endzone.

Bengals need to sign a better backup quarterback: The Bengals' offense went downhill when Carson Palmer and the rest of the starters left the game last night. Look at the stats from the Bengals' backups J.T. O'Sullivan and Jordan Palmer.

O'Sullivan was 4 of 11 for 33 yards and threw one interception. Then, Jordan Palmer was 10 of 20 for 102 yards and threw two interceptions. Jordan Palmer threw the Bengals only touchdown by passing to Darius Hill.

I think it would be smart for Marvin Lewis to cut one of the backups and look for a better quarterback in free agency. Todd Collins or Josh McCown would be a great veteran presence for the Bengals to sign during the preseason.

David Buehler should be Cowboys starting kicker: David Buehler went three of four on field goals during the game and looked like he solved Jerry Jones' issue of finding a kicker.

Buehler is young which makes him even better for years to come. He has a strong leg and can make a field goal from up to 60 yards. The Cowboys now have a great young kicker of the future in David Buehler.

Bengals young defensive lineman Geno Atkins and Michael Johnson impress: The Bengals young defensive lineman Geno Atkins and Michael Johnson were disrupting Dallas all night. Both of them were getting to Cowboys' backup quarterback Stephen McGee almost every play.

Geno Atkins had 6 tackles and one sack against Dallas. Then, Michael Johnson had three tackles and two sacks. I wouldn't be surprised if these two players play a lot this season for the Bengals.

Cowboys young linebackers have great future: All of the Cowboys' linebackers have a great future with the Dallas Cowboys when Bradie James and Keith Brooking retire. 

During the Hall Of Fame Game, all of the linebackers after those two were dominant against the Bengals. Looks like the Cowboys have even more great linebackers on their team for a long time.

Ochocinco and T.O. are not leaders for the young wideouts: During the game last night Ochocinco and T.O. were laughing, talking, and not even paying attention to the game after they came out. Both of them never helped out Quan Cosby or Jordan Shipley when they needed it during the game.

Obviously, Terrell Owens and Chad Ochocinco shouldn't be voted captains for the Bengals this season.

Prediction for both Cowboys and Bengals this season: First, all start with the Dallas Cowboys in my prediction. I see Dallas going 12-4 in 2010 and winning the NFC East. Then, I actually see Dallas in their own place for Super Bowl 45.

Now, here is my Bengals prediction for 2010. I see the Bengals going 10-6 and finishing second in the AFC North. The playoffs will be great for Cincy until the second round. They will make it as a wildcard team and lose to the Indianapolis Colts in the second round, who I think will have homefield advantage.

Overall, I see both teams making it to the playoffs this season. Dallas though will make it farther then Cincy in 2010.