Mikhail Prokhorov recently became the new majority owner of the New Jersey Nets. He said in his interview he will make the New Jersey Nets the first global team in the NBA. I believe him too.


Prokhorov says the Nets should make the playoffs in 1 year and an NBA championship in the maximum of 5 years. This all depends on if they get a top free agent like LeBron James or Dwyane Wade.


I believe the Nets will get a top free agent this summer. I actually think LeBron James will sign with the Nets. That helps out Mikhail Prokhorov's plan a lot. 


I think moving to Brooklyn will fulfill his promise to make his team the first global team. Also, don't forget about Jay-Z, a minority owner of the Nets. Both of them can easily attract a big free agent and make the Nets a championship team.


I actually believe Prokhorov's plan will come true. Look for the Nets to win a championship in the next 3 years.