The Memphis Grizzlies have a great nucleus of talent. The one problem they have is at point guard.

Let me just say, Mike Conley doesn't fir the Memphis offense, they need to at least shake it up a bit and give some competition at point guard.

I think I have the solution to the problem. If Eric Bledsoe is available, Memphis should draft him immediatly.

Bledsoe would be the third point guard taken in the NBA Draft. I expect John Wall in a Wizards uniform and Avery Bradley in Indiana.

That is all good for Memphis though. Bledsoe is the perfect point guard for there system.

He has better all around talent then Mike Conley. Also, Bledsoe can take it to the hole and dunk it on anyone.

Bledsoe with O.J. Mayo and Rudy Gay if he re-signs would be a great young trio.

Mike Conley is not the right fit in Memphis, they should draft Eric Bledsoe and give him some competiton at the point guard spot.