The Indiana Pacers started the Summer League well with a nine point win over Orlando. All three draft picks played for Indiana and they played well. The star of the show though wasn't Paul George, it was Lance Stephenson.

Indiana is using Lance Stephenson as a point guard for them. It's working though, becuase Stephenson stat sheet was 21 points, four rebounds, and three assists.

The Pacers think Stephenson could make an immediate impact for them at the point. By the way he played against the Magic, I think he could start for Indiana.

I compare Stephenson to Tyreke Evans, he is a tall point guard. I think that's what the Pacers expect out of him this season. It looks like he will be a force at point guard for the Pacers.

Indiana has T.J. Ford as their starter at point guard. Lance Stephenson should start over him by far. Indiana's lineup would be tall, but they would be a lot better with him as their starter.

Here is how the Pacers starting lineup should look this season.

PG: Lance Stephenson

SG: Paul George

SF: Danny Granger

PF: Troy Murphy

C: Roy Hibbert

As you can see, I switched out T.J. Ford and Brandon Rush for Lance Stephenson and Paul George. These rookies are a lot better then some of the Pacers starters like Ford and Rush.

Stephenson and the Pacers go up against the New Jersey Nets at seven tonight. Watching both teams play yesterday, Indiana should win this game.

The one matchup I am looking forward to is Magnum Rolle matchuped against the number two pick, Derrick Favors. Rolle could get the best of Favors if he can outscore him and shut him down on the offensive side.

If Lance Stephenson keeps performing like he did against Orlando, I expect a battle to start at point guard for Indiana.