Jose Calderon was traded to the Charlotte Bobcats today. I think that is another great move by owner Michael Jordan. Calderon will come in and start right away at point guard.

Does that mean D.J. Augustin is one the move this Summer? He has to if he wants to start for many years in the NBA.

Jose Calderon had great stats with Toronto over his career and I expect him to be even better with the Bobcats. He should have about 20 points per game and maybe a double-double average next season if he can be a pass first point guard.

Calderon is a pass first point guard which will improve Gerald Wallace and Stephen Jackson's stats. I see Calderon having about eight assists per game with Charlotte next season. If this experiment fails though, expect the Bobcats to trade Calderon's three year contract elsewhere.

Jose Calderon will be with the Bobcats for at least three years. He will put Charlotte as the number five seed in the playoffs next season. That might be surprising to some, but I see it happening.

This is one of the best moves I've seen from the Bobcats. Here is their new starting lineup with Jose Calderon and losing Tyson Chandler and Boris Diaw.

PG: Jose Calderon

SG: Stephen Jackson

SF: Gerald Wallace

PF: Tyrus Thomas

C: Desagana Diop

Look for the Bobcats to win about 47 games next season with the addition of Jose Calderon. This is the best trade ever by Michael Jordan and the Bobcats in their history.