Today, I was at Anderson University to watch the Indianapolis Colts Training Camp. Indianapolis did a full-pad scrimmage with the defense against the offense.

Turns out, the defense dominated one of the best offenses in the NFL with a score of 52-24. Actually their defense held the offense to a field goal in the scrimmage. To start the scrimmage the score was 21-21. I don't know why it started like that, but the Colts set it up like that.

One undrafted rookie for the Colts made himself known today during the scrimmage. His name is Mike Newton, cornerback from Buffalo University. He intercepted three passes, one from Peyton Manning and two from Curtis Painter. It wouldn't surprise me if Newton makes the team for the regular season.

One major concern for the Colts during the scrimmage was Adam Vinatieri. He missed two of three field goals, one from 35 and one from 37 yards. Before the scrimmage started the crowd was amazed by Pat McAfee doing field goals. He kicked a 63 yard field goal, while Vinatieri only kicked a 40 yard field goal for his longest one during warmups. McAfee could change his posistion in a few years to kicker when Vinatieri retires.

Another concern for the offense during their scrimmage was the offensive line. Even though Charlie Johnson and Tony Ugoh sat at practice for precautionary reasons they still should've protected the quarterbacks better. Every single play the defensive line got to Peyton Manning, Curtis Painter, and rookie Tim Hiller.

Robert Mathis and Dwight Freeney made the offensive tackles look like elementary school lineman. If I had to count how many times the defense got sacks, it was about seven. Looks like Bill Polian's plan of getting more beef on the line is backfiring on him.

Now, we get to the positives of the scrimmage. The defense looked like the best it's been ever since their Super Bowl season in 2006. Overall, every single position looked improved from last season.

The highlights for the defense were them getting easy pressure on the quarterbacks, Gary Brackett's interception return for a touchdown, and rookie Mike Newton intercepting three passes.

If I had to sum this up, it looks like the defense will win games for the Indianapolis Colts this season. Then, Indianapolis better fix their offensive line problems or Peyton Manning will be sacked a lot in 2010.