There is an option for LeBron James if he wants to go to a winning team, the San Antonio Spurs.

The Spurs could trade Tony Parker, who only has 1 year left on his contract, Manu Ginobili, and some draft picks to the Cavaliers for LeBron James.

Why would LeBron want to go to San Antonio in the first place? I have reasons that could entice LeBron James into a Spurs uniform in 2011.

First, LeBron would be with Tim Duncan. Duncan is one of the greatest big men the NBA has ever seen.

Also, LeBron could mentor the young guys like Dejuan Blair and George Hill. Both would be starters if this trade happened.

The state of Texas has no state income tax, so really LeBron would be getting twice as much money.

Coach Gregg Popovich, in my opinion is one of the greatest coaches in the NBA. LeBron James would love to play under Popovich.

Even though San Antonio isn't a big market, there are based off of championships. LeBron even said, he wants to go a team that can win right now.

LeBron would rule San Antonio, Tim Duncan would be the #2 guy. Duncan though only cares about winning.

The San Antonio Spurs are one of the best franchises in the NBA. LeBron James would make them even better and more mainstream.

Then you bring in the Mexico factor for LeBron James. San Antonio is very close to Mexico.

LeBron could globalize himself in Mexico. That could make LeBron James a bigger sports figure in Central America then most NBA players.

Even though San Antonio isn't that big of a sports market, he has Mexico that could him up out, marketing wise.

When you add the winning tradition of the Spurs, Tim Duncan, Gregg Popovich, and the Mexico factor.

LeBron James should go to San Antonio and win some championships.