Joe Johnson reportedly will accept the Atlanta Hawks Bird Rights offer. The offer is 6 years and about 119 million. How could he decline this offer by Atlanta?

This is where he can get the most money and still be on a great team. Atlanta still has Josh Smith and Mike Bibby for Johnson to play with.

If Johnson were to stay in Atlanta, they could be serious contenders to make the NBA Finals. It all depends on if Free Agency hits the Eastern Conference hard this summer.

I expect it will effect the conference, but I believe the Hawks would make the playoffs as the number 4 seed. Bosh and LeBron will probably end up in Chicago. Same goes for Wade and Boozer going to Miami according to NBA executives. Atlanta would be a great team even if this happens.

Joe Johnson will meet with the New York Knicks when NBA Free Agency starts at 12:01. The Knicks though don't offer close to what Atlanta can for him. Sure, New York offers the glamor and the bright lights, but they don't currently offer a winning team. The Hawks surely can do that for Joe Johnson.

If Joe Johnson stays in Atlanta, it would be the best for him to do. They offer the money and winning capability.