Sam Bradford is expected to sign with the St. Louis Rams for the most guaranteed money for a quarterback in the NFL. I have a bad feeling Bradford will be a bust with the Rams.

First off, Bradford will have one of the worst offensive lines in the NFL. I see him getting sacked about 60 or more times next season. Then, he has a bad core of receivers there as well. I see a lot of comparisons with Sam Bradford to David Carr.

Carr came into a bad situation in Houston and was harassed by opposing defenses due to his offense around him was horrible. That's exactly what Bradford is getting into in St. Louis.

I see Sam Bradford starting the season for the Rams, but it might be short due to his injury history at Oklahoma. The first five games of the season look easy for St. Louis, but I see them winning none of those games. Overall, I see the Rams going 4-12 next season.

For Bradford, I see him throwing about 15 touchdowns, but about 25-30 interceptions. I don't see how Bradford is the next Peyton Manning of the NFL.

Also, you add in St. Louis has Steven Jackson who will be their whole offense until he retires or changes teams. So, that takes a lot of Bradford's passing stats away for about two to three years.

I don't think Sam Bradford should've come out of college this year anyway. Even though he had the best chance of being the number one pick this season, he would've been even better after this season at Oklahoma.

Brady Quinn had a lot of pressure on him when he was drafted by his hometown team, the Cleveland Browns. That's what I think Bradford will eventually have to do, go to a different team if he wants to be known as a great quarterback.

JaMarcus Russell was the first pick in the 2007 NFL Draft and look what happened to him, he isn't even in the NFL. Well, I don't see Bradford being that bad, but it will be a tough road for Bradford on a bad team.

The Rams have had a history of drafting great college players who turned into mediocre players or busts with them. Here are the past five Rams' first round picks before Sam Bradford.

2005: Alex Barron, traded from the Rams this offseason to the Cowboys for linebacker Bobby Carpenter.

2006: Tye Hill, traded from Rams to Falcons in 2009 for a seventh round draft pick.

2007: Adam Carriker, turned into bust with Rams and is currently with the Washington Redskins.

2008: Chris Long, hasn't lived up to expectations with Rams so far as their starting defensive end.

2009: Jason Smith, only played in eight games and started five of them for Rams last season in his rookie year.

As you can see, the Rams aren't that good at drafting players in the past five seasons. Sam Bradford might be the worst of the bunch if he doesn't perform well as their starting quarterback for the next five or more seasons.

Even though Sam Bradford as a rookie will be one of the highest paid quarterbacks in the NFL, I see it coming to a horrible ending in St. Louis.