The Golden State Warriors must play some defense next year. If they could, the Warriors could be a playoff contender.

Look for Golden State to address this need in the NBA Draft.

Al Farouq-Aminu is the one name that keeps popping up for the Warriors in the Draft. Aminu is long and has a huge wingspan. Golden State could develop him into a defensive force.

The Warriors can score in bunches, but they let the opposing team do the same to them.

If I were the Warriors, I would fire Don Nelson. They need a defensive coach. Nelson doesn't have that in his resume.

One canidate that would fit perfectly in Golden State is Tom Thibodeau. He is a great coach on the defensive side and can the make the Warriors finally a defensive team.

Look what Thibodeau is doing in Boston. He and Doc Rivers have brought the Boston Celtics to two NBA finals births in three years.

Stephen Curry is the Warriors star player and he's only going into his second year in the NBA. Also, Anthony Randolph and Anthony Morrow are great players that play a role in there offense.

All of the players though need to step it up on the defensive side for Golden State in 2011.

The Warriors are one of the youngest and talented teams in the NBA. If they can finally get some defense going they can make the NBA playoffs next year.