The MLB All Star Game is tonight, so who will win the game and claim home field advantage in the World Series? I finally see the National League winning their first game since 1996.

The main reason I see the National League winning is due to their pitching. They will have Ubaldo Jimenez starting the game and Josh Johnson, Roy Halladay, and Tim Lincecum coming out of the bullpen.

2010 has been the year of pitching and I see that trend keep going tonight. I expect a low scoring All Star Game this year.

Don't forget about the National League posistion players. Since the New York Yankees won the World Series last year, the game will have a designated hitter batting instead of the pitcher. In my opinion, that plays into the National League's favor.

Even though Angel Stadium is an American League stadium, I see the National League getting more hits and more home runs then the American League. Albert Pujols and Ryan Howard back to back in the lineup will be hard to not allow a home run if your a pitcher for the American League.

Could we actually see a team no hitter tonight? I think there's a good chance of that happening if your on the National League. Even though the American League has great hitters, the National League has better pitchers.

The California crowd should do a lot better then they did last night for the Home Run Derby. About 10,000 seats were empty last night for the derby. Expect a sell out tonight for the All Star Game at Angels Stadium tonight.

Overall, the National League has a better team then the American League. I see the National League will win a low scoring affair tonight. Also, my prediction for the MVP of the game is Ubaldo Jimenez. I see him pitching about four to five innings and strike out about seven.

The National League will win the All Star Game tonight and end their 13 year drought over the American League.