LeBron, Dirk, and Jason Kidd all on one team? It is possible, all they have to do is a sign and trade with the Cavs. They would immediatly start a dynasty in Dallas.

Those 3 together would be the best trio in the NBA. You know LeBron loves to play with Jason Kidd, as shown in the 2008 Olympics. Also, with Dirk Nowitzki that would be a great frontcourt.

You know LeBron with Kidd and Nowitzki would win multiple titles and take the Western Conference throne away from the Los Angeles Lakers.

You know Mark Cuban will do all he can to get LeBron James. I expect him to trade Caron Butler, Erik Dampier, and a few draft picks to make this sign and trade work.

LeBron would love the spotlight in Dallas. Also, he could could go to Cowboys games, by the way the Dallas Cowboys is his favorite NFL team.

If LeBron James went to the Dallas Mavericks I would gurantee he would win more MVP awards and win at least 3 titles in Dallas.

Overall, LeBron said he wants to go to a team that can make him win championships.

The Dallas Mavericks can give him titles and a lot more.