Indiana Pacers are desperate for a point guard. Now, they are taking a dip into free agency to find their point guard.

Reportedly, Indiana is down to three guys to sign as their starting point guard next season. Jordan Farmar, Raymond Felton, and Kyle Lowry are the three. Who should the Pacers go after out of three?

First, Jordan Farmar has been backing up Derek Fisher ever since he came into the NBA. He can explode at any time though and have a great game. He wants to get out of the triangle offense and lead a team.

Farmar could start right away for the Pacers over T.J. Ford. Farmar supposedly is the leader for the Pacers to sign.

Then, we have Raymond Felton from the Bobcats. He has backed up D.J. Augustin for awhile and he wants out from Charlotte. Felton has not fit in Charlotte and needs a change in scenery.

Indiana could start Felton or they could split time with him off the bench behind T.J. Ford.

Kyle Lowry is the wild card of the group for the Pacers to sign. Lowry played for the Houston Rockets last year backing up Aaron Brooks.

He has been a journeyman through the NBA, but could start for some teams in the NBA.

Indiana fits that need and Kyle Lowry could be the 6th man of the year for the Pacers or he could surprise everyone and start for them.

If the Pacers want to get a point guard this summer, they should go after Jordan Farmar right now. He would easily start for the Pacers and fits Jim O'Brien's offense.

He also brings championship experience to the Pacers with him already having two titles with Los Angeles. Farmar is only 23 and could be a future star at point guard for Indiana about 7-10 years. The Pacers could hit a home run with Jordan Farmar.