Is anyone suprised Phoneix is in the Western Confrence Finals? I'm not, they have the talent to do it. When the Suns finally started to play defense, they started to blow out opponets.

Los Angeles thought this series was over. After the Lakers game two win, LA fans were chanting, "We want Boston!" Boston can't even close out Orlando even though they were up 3-0.

Overall, I think the Lakers have the best player, Kobe Bryant and the best coach, Phil Jackson. Even with both of them, they can't stop Phoneix.

If Phoneix were to actually play defense all year, they probably would have been the #2 seed or maybe even the #1 seed in the Western Confrence, instead of the #3 seed.

Also, Amar'e Stoudemire will probably re-sign with the Suns. The reason why, the Suns have made a deep playoff run. How could you not re-sign with Phoneix after what they have done so far?

Don't rule Phoneix out of the NBA Finals just yet. They could easily beat the Lakers in game 5 at the Staples Center. My prediction, I think the Phoneix Suns will beat the Lakers in 6 games