David Ortiz won the Home Run Derby tonight in dominant fashion. He hit 32 home runs, 11 in the final round against Hanley Ramirez. The derby started off slow, but when it got to Corey Hart in the first round home runs started flying.

Hart started off with 13 home runs, but got shut out in the second round with zero. Oritz on the other hand hit eight home runs in the first round. Big Papi proved he can still hit the long ball without getting tired. What a great story for him by how he started off horrible in April, but ever since he's been on fire.

The one thing that surprised me though is the crowd. About 10,000 seats were empty, I never have seen empty seats for the Home Run Derby before. I though California would've performed better for the derby.

The question that I'm asking myself is, will David Ortiz be able to keep his streak going after the All Star Break? I don't see it happening due to the Home Run Derby winner always going into a home run slump after this event.

Last year, Prince Fielder went cold for about a month after the derby so that raises the question for me about Ortiz. Ortiz was on the market and was getting booed from Boston fans during his bad start of the season. He deserved to win the Home Run Derby this year.

The one thing that will make some Red Socks' fans angry is, I don't see them making the playoffs this season. Well, what do you expect when you have the two best teams in the American League in the New York Yankees and Tampa Bay Rays. Ortiz won the derby, but he won't be playing deep into October this year.

Big Papi's performance ranks the third best ever at the Home Run Derby. The two in front of him are Josh Hamilton and Bobby Abreu on the list.

David Ortiz's Home Run Derby performance was fun to watch this year. The 2010 derby was had it's positives and negatives, but overall it kept me interested watching David Ortiz hitting 32 home runs.