The San Diego Chargers are one of the best teams in the NFL, but their wide receivers are in question right now. Vincent Jackson is suspended for the first three games and will likely hold out after that. So, should the Chargers make a run at Terrell Owens?

I think San Diego should go after Owens. He could fill in well for Vincent Jackson and could still start as their number two wideout when he comes back. This team also gives the best chance for Owens to win a title right away.

Philip Rivers could corral Terrell Owens and feed him the ball often next season. I possibly could see Owens having one of his best seasons ever if he signs with the Chargers. My prediction, I see Owens having about 85 to 90 catches in San Diego as the number one wideout until Jackson returns from his holdout and suspension.

Could the Chargers win the Super Bowl with T.O. on their team, yes I actually can. San Diego would have a great tandem with Jackson and Owens for the playoffs and could take on AFC giants like the Colts and Patriots.

Norv Turner is going away from the running game and is turning the Chargers into a heavy pass team. That's exactly the kind of system Owens would thrive in right away. Philip Rivers should be asking San Diego to go after T.O. right now. If the Chargers want to win Super Bowl 45, he's the best chance they have.

Owens on the other hand gets to go to a winning team that could win him his first super bowl. Also, I see Terrell being on his good act like he did in Buffalo last season.

If Owens goes to San Diego, look for him to make it to the Pro Bowl next season. I easily see a breakout year if he is a Charger in 2010. This is the best fit for Terrell Owens next season to win right away.

T.O. has been with four teams the 49ers, Eagles, Cowboys, and Bills and mostly all of them ended with T.O. having an issue there. I just can't see Owens acting up with a winning team that's on the verge of winning a super bowl.

The San Diego Chargers give Owens the chance of playing with a winning team and winning his first super bowl. I know Drew Rosenhaus will force teams to give Owens about five million dollars for one year, but he should back off and let Owens decide. He should take less money to play for a winning team like the Chargers.

If both the Chargers and Terrell Owens want to win a super bowl, they should go to each other to make it happen.