Once again, Brett Favre is retiring from the NFL for the third straight year. This time he doesn't announce he's retired until training camp has started for Minnesota. Now, the Vikings are stuck with Tarvaris Jackson as their starting quarterback for the upcoming season.

I have a feeling though Favre will be under center for the NFL opener against the New Orleans Saints.  He did this last year after his bad year in the big apple with the Jets as well. First, he retired in February then came back in the middle of August. I see Brett Favre resting his injured ankle and getting the itch to play football again for his 20th season.

Favre has a milestone that is so close for him not to play in 2010. Currently, Brett Favre is at 497 touchdown passes. As you can see, he's only 3 touchdowns away from a record I thought I would never see of 500 touchdown passes.

Then, you have another thing that Favre wants to get before he gets out of the NFL, that's a Super Bowl MVP. When he won his only Super Bowl, Desmond Howard won the Super Bowl MVP. If he can lead the Vikings to Super Bowl 45 at 41, no way he isn't the Super Bowl MVP.

Brett Favre still has one year left on his current deal with the Vikings and will make 14 million if he comes back. Even though Favre is about just playing the game, 14 million dollars for one season could persuade him to come back in 2010.

If he comes back and comes out of retirement again, I see Minnesota going into the playoffs as the number one seed. Without Favre, I see Minnesota finishing this season far out of the playoff race with Tarvaris Jackson leading the Vikings' offense.

The defense and Adrian Peterson will have to carry the load this season with Favre retiring. Brett could take much of the load off of both them by coming back for another encore.

Here is my Minnesota Vikings prediction for the 2010 season without Brett Favre at quarterback.

@ New Orleans Saints L

Miami Dolphins L

Detroit Lions W

@ New York Jets L

Dallas Cowboys L

@ Green Bay Packers L

@ New England Patriots L

Arizona Cardinals W

@ Chicago Bears L

Green Bay Packers L

@ Washington Redskins L

Buffalo Bills W

New York Giants W

Chicago Bears W

@ Philadelphia Eagles L

@ Detroit Lions W

As you can see, the Vikings lead by Tarvaris Jackson have no shot at winning a Super Bowl anytime soon. Minnesota without Brett Favre turns into a one dimensional team with Adrian Peterson running the ball about 70 to 80% of the time. I wouldn't be surprised if Peterson goes over 400 carries this year.

Brad Childress should be at Brett Favre's door in Hattiesburg, MS convincing him to be a Viking in 2010, they need him to have any shot at success.

How could Favre walk away after the best season of his career at the age of 40? I've lost much respect for Brett Favre over the last three years by how he has handled his retirement situation. The Vikings though need Brett Favre if they have any chance at winning the Super Bowl this year.

Tarvaris Jackson isn't an Aaron Rodgers, so Brett Favre Minnesota needs you and you won't leave the NFL this year. One simple reason you won't leave, your the day by day retirement or not waffler Brett Favre.