The Chicago Bears finished 7-9 last season and were expected to be in the playoffs. I see 2010 being an even worse season for them. 

First off, look at their schedule next season. They have to face the NFC East and AFC East in 2010 which is very hard to succeed at. Analyzing their schedule, I see the Bears going 5-11 in 2010.

Mike Martz is their new offensive coordinator, but I don't see that helping much next season. Jay Cutler still has no big impact wideout besides the speedy Devin Hester. I think they should go after Terrell Owens, but Jay Cutler said he doesn't want Owens in Chicago.

Also, Matt Forte had the worst season of his career and I don't see it getting better this year. Chicago had a horrible offensive line last year and once again the Bears made no effort at fixing it. They still will have a young line with a very old Olin Kreutz at center.

Jay Cutler had 26 interceptions last season, I see him improving on that with about 20 interceptions. He still is very inconsistent at reading defenses in the NFL. Mark Martz though will fix that as he works with Cutler throughout his career in Chicago.

When the Bears traded for Cutler last year, people put the Bears as super bowl contenders with him at quarterback. I don't see anyone putting the Bears like that again this season.

The Bears were pass happy last season with Cutler, but I expect them to tone it down a little bit this year. They need to when they have a great running back like Matt Forte on the team.

Back in 2006 the Bears were in Super Bowl 41 with Rex Grossman as their quarterback. They should eventually get back to that form with Jay Cutler there for awhile. I project the Bears to be a rebuilding project for a few more years, then they will get back to their winning ways.

The defense is getting older and they need to address their linebacker spot since Brian Urlacher has been injury prone and getting older. So, look for the Bears to address that in the 2011 NFL Draft.

Their secondary is young, so I expect them to struggle this season. Then, the defensive line lost Alex Brown to the New Orleans Saints. Overall, the Bears defense will be a young group in 2010.

If Lovie Smith doesn't take the Bears to an improved record, look for him to get the pink slip out of Chicago. Ever since 2007, Chicago has struggled to get back to their winning ways. They better get that fixed sooner rather then later.

Sorry Chicago, but your Bears will once again struggle to find their winning ways with a record of 5-11.