Baron Davis has not been a good fit in his hometown for the Los Angeles Clippers. Baron wants to be traded and Indiana would be right there for him.

Baron to Indiana trade would be like this. Baron comes to Indiana and Los Angeles receives T.J. Ford, Brandon Rush, and the #10 pick in the NBA Draft.

Davis would fit right into the Pacers offensive system. He is a point guard that likes to score and that's what I think Indiana needs.

When you put Baron Davis with Danny Granger, that is a dangerous duo that could bring the Pacers to the playoffs next year.

If this were to happen I would be very excited as an Indiana Pacers fan.

I would be fine with Rush and Ford being traded, but I would be hesitant to trade the #10 pick for Baron Davis. I would do it anyway though.

Davis can explode for 30 points in any game. Also, Davis can pass the ball if you want him to.

The one thing I would love about Baron Davis in Indiana would be he has a long term contract.

Baron Davis has 4 years left on his current contract. Unlike Tony Parker, who only has 1 year left on his contract.

Baron Davis would likely finish his career with the Pacers if this trade happened.

Even though Baron Davis has a history of not getting along with his coaches, that would be okay though. The Pacers are use to it though, they had Ron Artest when he was in is prime of getting angry.

If I were the Indiana Pacers, make this trade right away. Baron Davis would be a great point guard for them.