Cleveland fired Danny Ferry and Mike Brown, who lead them to the best record in the NBA. Now, there are trade rumors about Mo Williams and Delonte West.

Does that mean Cleveland is going into rebuilding mode?

I think so, LeBron won't come back to Cleveland in my opinion. Since LeBron will leave what else can they do?

The reason for all of the trade rumors now is that they are trying to free up cap space for free agency for 2010 or 2011.

There are trade rumors going around that Cleveland is going to trade Mo Williams to Charlotte for D.J. Augustin. 

Why would Cleveland do that? Mo Williams is a proven point guard, I would rather see them trade Delonte West instead of Mo.

Also, will Shaq return to Cleveland? I doubt it, Shaq wants to go to a team ready to win a title.

LeBron won't be coming back, so I think Shaq will go too.

If I were Cleveland, I would still be alright. You have a great team even without LeBron James.

I think they will go into rebuilding mode. They will trade probably Mo Williams and Delonte West before the season starts and just let the season play out.

By the way it sounds though, Cleveland is going to be a heavy contender in the 2011 NBA Free Agency period and a potential lottery team.