This is one trade rumor that makes a lot of sense for both teams. David Khan wants to get rid of Al Jefferson and Indiana needs another big to go along side Roy Hibbert. Indiana wants to get rid of Troy Murphy and his contract.

The rumor is Al Jefferson and Jonny Flynn for Troy Murphy, Brandon Rush, Tyler Hansbrough, and a future draft pick.

Indiana could part ways with both Hansbrough and Rush. The reason is due to the Pacers drafting Paul George and Lance Stephenson.

Minnesota refused to trade Flynn when Indiana offered just the #10 pick, but if they add a few more pieces I expect Minnesota to pull the trigger.

The Timberwolves would put Hansbrough and Rush as bench contributers and Troy Murphy as their starting center.

Minnesota would keep Kevin Love at power forward and Ricky Rubio at point guard when he comes over after this upcoming season.

Indiana finally gets the point guard they need. Then, Jefferson fills another hole with Murphy leaving in this trade.

Both teams get better in this trade, but if I had to pick a winner I would pick Indiana.

They get two great young players who could be all stars multiple times. I think Indiana would make the playoffs next year if they made this deal.

David Khan admitted he was shopping Al Jefferson and will listen to offers. That opens the door for Indiana.

Both Bird and Khan need to make some blockbuster deals this summer if they want to have a job after this season.

Don't rule out this trade rumor, it could happen this summer.